Reveal: Robbie Williams by Chris Heath (epub)

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Reveal: Robbie Williams by Chris Heath (epub)

Pages : 512

Publisher: Blink Publishing (21 Sept. 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-1911274919

An intimate, funny and frank account of the moments behind the music, of the

truth behind the headlines and of the fascinatingly complicated man behind the

imperious entertainer, Reveal is Robbie Williams as you've never seen him


More than twelve years ago, Robbie Williams and Chris Heath published a

ground-breaking memoir, Feel, about Robert P. Williams' rise to fame; a book

that was met with worldwide acclaim, from critics and fans alike.

Since that time, Robbie has released six solo albums, reunited with his old

band Take That and, in the wake of his twelfth UK number-one album, has

returned to the stage with a sold-out run at Wembley Stadium.

In Reveal, bestselling author Chris Heath has been working closely with Robbie

for many years to create a personal and raw account of fame, fortune, family

and music; a vivid and detailed story of the real highs and lows as Robbie has

found his way forward, that is unprecedented in its intimacy and honesty.

Long-awaited by millions, Reveal is the uncensored and compelling portrait of

the man as you've never seen him before.


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